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01 June 2009


The Myth of Individual Creativity

The idea that a single individual on his/her own is creative and comes to creative solutions or creates 'creative' artistic pieces is a myth. Creativity comes through observation and interaction with the social world. Much as the 'individual genius' is said to be dead in modern times, the myth of the creative individual should also be killed. If you look at the arts, there are design critiques, writing workshops, readings, etc. all different ways that the creative arts receive feedback and change as part of a group creative process (although I'm aware this might be open to some debate). While individuals may brainstorm on their own, I think the true power in brainstorming/idea generation only comes after individuals start sharing the ideas with others who then provide feedback and potentially whole new directions that weren't thought of beforehand.

Just wanted to get that down. I thought about it after having a conversation with a friend when I tried out the very rough prototype of a game he's making for a class and envisioned it completely differently than what he was thinking than he ran with my idea and turned it into something different than what I was thinking but that I liked much better. Then thinking about all of that gave me this idea, which in reflecting on my own creative efforts seems to be true enough...

I really want to play the game once he finishes it...

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